Valve to Give E3 a Miss

Despite an inherent belief from some quarters that this year may just be the year for a Half Life reveal, Valve have announced that they will not be showing anything new at this year’s E3 which is set to kick off in just over two weeks time.

Valve are no strangers to surprises so, while this announcement does bring about a level of sadness to the GamingLives collective, there’s always the possibility that they still might show up in some capacity, perhaps to further detail the Steam to Playstation connectivity, or to  announce some sort of DLC store for its console based games.  Regardless, an E3 without Valve is a slightly less exciting place to be and we can but hope that, regardless of their reason, they do make some sort of appearance.

E3 is due to kick off on the 7th June, 2011.


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  1. Chris Toffer says:

    This is shocking. I really thought this would be the year for Half Life 2: Episode 3. Without that and literally no other news, I’m kinda dissapointed!

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