Naughty Bear Gold Unleashed

Now that's a cover...

When you’ve had a bad day, there’s nothing like kicking back and ripping the stuffing out of some poor unfortunate, ramming someone’s head into a lit barbecue, or engaging in some wanton terrorism.  Well, thanks to 505 Games’ 2010 release, Naughty Bear, there was no need to earn a Police record, with their bear bashing, score attack game taking the flak for you.  The game focuses on misfit Naughty who, shunned by Cuddles, Fluffy, and co. and left out of the jolly birthday celebrations, decides to go on a rampage, murdering the nauseating island dwellers in as many inventive ways as possible, all while racking up points for generally maiming, destroying, and scaring his way through every level.

A number of DLC packs have escaped onto LIVE over the months, packing themes such as Pirates and Vampires, and now they’re being released in one gloriously gory gold edition, complete with nifty Kill Bill-esque cover.  While the game divided opinion, especially here at GLHQ, the addition of the download packs to the main game should please those fans who like their content in real-life, ‘sniff-the-manual’ form.

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