Wings of Prey Collector’s Ed. Released

If there is one thing that we like here at GLHQ, it is a collector’s edition set, so we pricked up our tired, end-of-a-busy-week ears when Iceberg Interactive announced a sexy special edition release of Wings of Prey.  The combat flight sim offers gamers aerial combat and ground based military action in a WWII setting, over six theatres of war: The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Ardennes, Berlin, Sicily, and Korsun.

Players can pilot fighters, bombers, and battle planes in airborne scraps featuring hundreds of planes across a number of missions, giving that perfect chocs-away feel to a Sunday afternoon without resorting to old re-runs of Dambusters and 633 Squadron.  Features such as a new damage effects engine and advanced visuals should add to the (already well-received) combat-flight sim’s appeal, in addition to the included add on pack, Wings of the Luftwaffe, and a poster.  By jove, it sounds appealing, so Pimms down chaps and prepare for Iceberg’s Big Wing manoeuvre at a retail location near you.

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  1. Samuel Samuel says:

    Good game. Bloody stupid timing though for the special edition… the regular retail release came out in April. That’s how I already know it’s a good game. Much as I love me a special edition, I can’t afford to buy it twice.

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