Plants Vs Zombies Heads For Ninty DSiWare

Ever held a zombie in your hand?  We don’t recommend it, they tend to be putrefying, so it will take more than a quick rinse with Dettol to remove the smell.  On the other hand, you could put your listening ears on and take note of the fact that Plants Vs Zombies is coming to Nintendo DSiWare this Friday.  Yep, now you can strive to stem (forgive the pun) the zombie invasion by strategically bedding your plants and protecting your home.  Of course, plants are the only defense (just think of those poor flamethrower-packing fools in various zombie games and films  who only need have cracked out a bunch of daffs).

You’ll have to think fast, dig faster, and work in the oddest of circumstances and places to best the encroaching horde.  It may be the oddest idea for a zombie game we’ve come across for a long time, but given its popularity and universal appeal, it seems the perfect marriage for Ninty’s handheld, especially with the addition of 19 mini games.  Plants Vs Zombies is developed by PopCap and will set you back the princely sum of 800 Nintendo DSi points.

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  1. FC360 says:

    I am so hoping this will be on the 3DS as well

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