Jurassic Park Chewing Up Consoles

They’re in your Xbox, eating your face.  Yep, Telltale Games’ upcoming Jurassic Park is leaping the fence from the PC to also take a chunk out of the console market after Telltale signed a deal with Microsoft.  Not only will the adventure title be hitting the console, but it will also be available on disc – great news for those among us who can’t abide digital downloads.

Being a disc release, the game will be released in its entirety for the Xbox, rather than in Telltale’s small episodic doses.  The PC version was recently delayed until later in the year, falling neatly into place with the console releases and, presumably, to give the game some extra polish.  We snagged some hands on time with Jurassic Park at the recent PAX East 2011 and, while the story and graphics were impressive, the very on-rails nature of it left us a little deflated.  Still, we’ll soon see whether its worth biting Telltale’s hand off come Q3.

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  1. Samuel Samuel says:

    I knew that was coming. Protip games devs; don’t deny knowledge of console versions in interviews when the hands on demo has Xbox 360 tooltips on the screen.

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