Super Meat Boy to Hit UK Retail Shelves

Some gamers have already experienced the pain of trying to beat Super Meat Boy and have ended up as fingerless gibbering wrecks (and that is just the GL team).  Well, the punishing puzzle-fest continues with Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition leaping into retail outlets, courtesy of Lace Mamba.  Those of us who like our games to come in shiny boxes, will be more than pleased, and it gives gamers who may have missed it the first time around little excuse to avoid it.  So what is it?

A bizarre platforming title, featuring a slab of meat.  Or rather, a boy without skin whose girlfriend, Bandage Girl (stay with us) gets kidnapped.  Who didn’t see that one coming?  Anyway, the cad of a fetus in a top hat who was responsible ensures that our unlikely hero has to traverse over 300 levels of saws, fire, and other traps to rescue her.  Given that the US have a sexy edition which includes a 40 page behind the scenes sketchbook/comic, pull out mini poster, and soundtrack, we’re very much looking forward to seeing just what this set will deliver.  The games should see a Q3 release.

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