Blizzard Release WoW Patch 4.1

That little known game, World of Warcraft… stop right there – ed. Okay, if you haven’t been living on the dark side of the moon, WoW will be somewhere on your gaming radar, regardless of whether or not you have played it.  Today is Patch Day.  Patch 4.1 to be precise and it marks the return of two classic raiding instances, updated as 5 man dungeons.  Sound good?  Hope so because it will allow those whopping, Norris crushing level 85 characters to pitch in and save Azeroth from the ‘united Troll nations’.  We wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to what gets served at the UTN tea parties, but we can bet our retro collection that it isn’t Darjeeling.

If words aren’t enough and you crave some of those new fangled moving pictures to illustrate and explain the story behind the patch, then take a look at the vid below:

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