Campaign to Resurrect Micro Machines for 2011

20 years ago Codemasters created a game; a game so brilliant that it captured the hearts of gamers the world over and versions appeared on pretty much every console from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation 2.  That game was Micro Machines.  Sadly, the miniscule vehicles started to lose their way and haven’t been seen since 2006.

To celebrate Micro Machines’ 20th anniversary, we here at and our friends from various other gaming sites want to see a return to the glory days. We want once again to race a dragster around a toilet lid, we want to drive an F1 car off a pool table and we want the awesome guys and girls at Codemasters to bring Micro Machines to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

This is where we need you guys though, we want you to tweet and Facebook a link to this page to tell your friends to get over here and make themselves known in the comments at the bottom so that we can show Codemasters just how many of us want to see Micro Machines return for its 20th Anniversary.

How Can We Help?
Several things you can do really… the first is obviously to get as many people as possible to comment on this page using this link: and if you want to promote it yourself, you can download a full size logo in PNG format and resize to suit your own site (right click here and select to Save Link/Target).  If you’re spreading the word on Twitter, please also tag your updates with #micromachines2011 so we can keep track.

Codemasters, we the undersigned would like to see a remake of Micro Machines, featuring all the best bits of your legendary game, for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Make it so!

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  1. Rob M says:

    Micro Machines for XBLA and PSN!!

  2. Ryan Duncan says:

    C’mon Codemasters you know what to do ;) the want for the game is here and won’t go away, after Ben Bateman showing the godly amazing game for the N64 today it’s reminded us that you haven’t released one on XBLA/PSN yet and I think it’s the right time now #micromachines2011 you know what to do :D

  3. Michael Moverley says:

    I’m gonna drive around on my breakfast table in protest :D

  4. Yamster says:

    This is a thing I want.

  5. Pete Pete says:

    I don’t often buy off XBLA but I would snap up a Micro Machines game! Just so long as it had multiplayer lol :D

  6. Darren Davie says:

    Micro Machines for XBLA and PSN!!

  7. Richie rich says:

    Do it you slags. Oi oi. Nawty.

  8. Dom DomPeppiatt says:

    Do it. Codemasters – we beseech you. Guaranteed 800 MSpoints from me if you do.

  9. Lee says:

    This needs to happen me and my brother haven’t got in a fight over a game for years!

  10. Charles D says:

    If you do this Codemasters, you will be elevated to Gods of XBLA and millions will flock to worship at your feet……. Well I will at least.

    Please please do it…

  11. Joeydale13 says:

    I need this in my life…I need to conquer the snooker table level that had me bent over it’s knee, spanking me like a little bitch…

    Micro Machines for XBLA & PSN!!

  12. Edward Edward says:

    I haven’t played this game in years, but it has so many amazing childhood memories for me that it NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW.
    With local and live play. Please.

  13. Michael Author says:

    I’m gonna tip over some Cheerios, makes some chalk lines, and drive mini cars around my dinner table, just so I can bring back the nostalgia!

  14. [...] To join the petition please click here! [...]

  15. Steven Dees says:

    I loved Micro Machines and would definately buy it on PSN. Love playing old games on it anyway but dont like them being blown up to fit the hd screen as they loose quality too much

  16. Vixx says:

    Vikki likes this.

  17. Rob says:

    No other driving game has been as awesome. BRING BACK MICRO MACHINES!!!

  18. Leon says:

    I always loved these games – the snooker table was always my favourite.

    Would be awesome for an XBLA title.

  19. Smuggsy says:

    Hell yes, this is a must! Oh, and smash TV too! I’ll donate a kidney to the cause, if I have to… :)

  20. Samuel Samuel says:

    The original Micro Machines was one of my favourite games on the Megadrive. If they could just port that with HD graphics and an option to play the splitscreen modes online, I would definitely buy that.

  21. Would love Micro Machines on XBLA. Loved the game as a kid, one of my favourites!

  22. Ste says:

    I approve of this campaign! Code Masters, do the right thing and make this happen!

  23. Adam Adam says:

    We love you Codies, a heartfelt plea to ressurect MicroMachines :)

  24. Jenn says:

    Go team! This has got to be done :D

  25. GrayW says:

    Show me those Micro Monsters!

  26. Kat says:

    Used to get my arse kicked at this. It should be done so I can relive the harrowing memories.

  27. Andy Parkes says:

    Yes! More Micro Machines please!

  28. DarrenIndeed says:

    Micro Machines HD XBLA plx.

  29. Laura says:


  30. Foxy C says:


  31. LVL54Spacemonkey says:

    Gimmie a HD version of Micro machines 96 on XBLA and I’ll be a happy bunny.

  32. Ken Barnes says:

    Signing in. I used to LOVE Turbo Tournament! :)

  33. bobberella says:

    Bring it back!!!!!

  34. Jamie Anderson says:

    YES. still play with friends today (Turbo Tournament 1996 edition)
    if the fun of turbo turns can be remastered and with some new features added in for good measure
    this would be an amazing return for this series :)

  35. Dominik says:

    the old genesis micro machines was probably my favorite game of all time, that or FF7. god i miss it, the ps2 remakes and license-less versions thereafter never really had the charm of v3 and earlier. i would be all for a remake… but 35 comments? do more petitioning!

  36. kim lawson says:

    Great game you make it we buy it you make lots of money we have lots of fun. It’s a win win

  37. Drew says:

    This is a great idea. I’m certain it could be done. Has there been any official response to the petition?

  38. Ben says:

    I’d settle for a ps3 port of micro machines V3 on the PS Store!!
    GIEF PLIX !!

  39. Jack says:

    This would be brilliant to see. There’s no reason why it should be left behind in the 90s – the concept is still very good. Let’s do it!

  40. Mao loss says:

    Micromachine v3 HD plz fast go now asap come on i heard it through the grapevine

  41. guinnessdrinker says:

    Please do this codemasters

  42. JinkysOars says:

    This would be so awesome!

  43. Guido says:

    Sort it out its a classic, a must have, i need it

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