Apple To Join Console War?

The idea may have been thrown around for some years now by industry insiders, but Apple themselves have always denied that they have any interest in tackling the console gaming market, citing their iPod Touch and iPhones (and now, moreso, their iPad) as having advanced enough gaming technology to act as a bona fide mobile gaming platform, but one man says otherwise.  After being fired by his employer two days ago, Zachary (who has asked that his surname remain anonymous) took the initiative to go public with evidence that the reprographics company he had been working with was currently contracted to provide graphic boards for an internal presentation at Apple… detailing 2012 ad teasers for a new gaming console.

Along with a letter to back up his claim, Zachary also provided the final draft copy of the artwork to be used in the production, which clearly details some of the features that Apple will be including in the gaming console that, according to several reiterations, is not in development.  At this stage it’s unclear as to which processor and GPU will be powering the unit, and speculation has been that it would be the Apple A5 processor and the dual-core PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU to ensure the same low power consumption and portability of the iPad 2 but the artwork carries the claim of it having the “Fastest processor of any current video game console”, which suggests otherwise.

At this stage all we can do is assume that Apple have either been developing a dedicated processor and GPU for their “iCon” or they’ll utilise existing hardware such as Intel’s Westmere processor with six cores, commonly found in high end Mac Pros.  Software, however, remains even more ambiguous for the moment with no developers that we’ve asked committing to either acknowledging or denying any Dev Kits for a new Apple console.  With the impending release being a mere eighteen months away, however, we suspect that they’re operating under a heavily NDAd umbrella. With this year’s E3 being only ten weeks away, is it possible that Apple may “surprise” the industry with an unveiling?

Think different.

Source: Kotaju

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  1. Andrew Highton says:

    Oh my god this is freakin awesome!!?
    Can’t wait!!!!!!
    Aw phooey it’s April Fool’s Day I completely forgot, how silly of me. :)
    In all seriousness it’d be great to have another genuine competitor.

  2. Shock Me says:

    Except for the Blue-Ray drive I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended the game playing abilities of the Apple TV with an SDK and their take on a controller.

  3. Edward Edward says:

    If only.
    Though to be fair, they’d probably do something stupid like not support the Unreal Engine like they don’t accept flash now. That’d be hilarious.

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