Red Johnson’s Chronicles For PSN

While some gamers enjoy staring down a gun-sight and taking someone’s pimples off at fifty meters, others prefer their games to be a little more thought provoking or involved.  With Rockstar’s LA Noire looming on the horizon, the investigative/crime solving genre is looking much healthier, and the latest game to fall under this umbrella is Red Johnson’s Chronicles.

RJC is developed by one of the biggest European indie studios, Lexis Numerique, and will be appearing for the PlayStation Network at the end of April.  As with most stories, this one starts with a victim – or rather, one that has bleedin’ demised.  That’s right, a corpse has turned up in the crime-ridden Metropolis City, but thankfully the victim was one of the most hated men around (no, it wasn’t Superman), so there will be no shortage of suspects for our private eye, Red Johnson, to investigate.

The player’s task is to either sweet-talk or strongarm witnesses, uncover clues, and gather evidence to order to track down the culprit. From the look of the quirky credits in teaser trailer, we’d say that it has a sense of humour, not to mention an engaging style.  If this one is a hit, we’re sure that we can expect further entries in Red Johnson’s Chronicles.

More details can be found on the official site.

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