Rage Novel Announced

For those among us who still view the written word as king, Bethesda’s recent announcement should stir many literary loins.  As is frequently becoming the case these days, a ‘book of the game’ is on the way, this time for the much hyped and upcoming Rage.  Published by Del Rey Books, the Rage novel, written by author and game writer, Matt Costello, will be hitting bookshelves in August.

The book follows the events of the game, but will be fleshing out the world and characters even more, with the added benefit that Costello also had a hand in penning the game’s story, so if anyone will stay on the right track with the mythology and characters, it will be him.  The story behind Rage is that upon learning that the world is about to gasp its last, the best of the best (yep, that means Eric Roberts – j/k) and the brightest of earth’s denizens were frozen in stasis.  Lt Nick Raine awakes to find that the human race has not been wiped out, but has actually survived and tried to rebuild, but all is not as it once was.  Is it ever?  I mean, did he expect to wake up and find an Avon catalogue on the doorstep of his stasis pod?  Anyway… sounds intriguing and the game is just one of Bethesda’s anticipated releases this year.

Novels based on games aren’t a new thing by any stretch, but they are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Take note Daily Mail, gaming doesn’t just incite us to the random dildo bashing of pensioners… we can haz words too.

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