Molyneux Would Offer EA Advice On Syndicate Remake

Some folks would trade their best Reeboks for this

With EA Games still remaining tight lipped on a remake of Bullfrog’s 1993 classic, Syndicate, evidence continues to mount as to its existence.  Supperannuation managed to dig up some trademark filings by EA, which lend the rumours significant weight, along with some copyright filings some time ago by developers, Starbreeze.  Not only that, but ex-Bullfrog man, Peter Molyneux himself has stated to C&VG that he would love to be able to sit down with anyone tackling it to share his thoughts about what made the game so special.  He even went as far as saying, when asked to confirm, that he would honestly sit down with someone at EA to offer advice if necessary.

EA still own the rights to all of Bullfrog’s IP since swallowing up the UK company in 1995 and then shutting it down in 2004.  It is honestly surprising that it has taken them this long to actually mine the back catalogue properly – now if we can just get them moving on a decent Dungeon Keeper remake, Theme Hospital for the DS, and a confirmation of Syndicate, we’ll be happy.

As for Syndicate, with or without the big M’s help, we’d just like EA to announce the damn thing already and give us some screens to drool over.  If/when that happens, we’ll have (at least) one very happy writer here at GL, who recently shared his love Danny Dyer style for the game, and who would likely explode in a crescendo of orgasmic juices.  Now that’s incentive.

Sources: Supperannuation and C&VG

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  1. SimonJK says:

    Please don’t let this be an early April fools!!! This is one of my ‘wet dreams of reboot’ (or even an XBL release! I loved this game and it’s expansion Syndicate Wars and tops the list along with the first Xcom/UFO and Hogs of Wars, I just hope they simply don’t just turn it into a FPS.

  2. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    XCom… I can’t get enough of that!

  3. Richie rich says:

    OI! OI!


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