Design A Killer Robot for Shoot Many Robots!

Robots.  Yep, still awesome.  Not as much as Velociraptors perhaps, but damn close, which is why our ears twitched at the latest from Demiurge Studios.  The Boston based developer has been gearing up to unleash their creation – Shoot Many Robots – and is now offering players the chance to ‘Design Many Robots’ for the game.  Demiurge are launching a contest for fans, aspiring designers, or artists, to come up with a robot design.  Not just any robot design, mind you – it has to be sufficiently evil/terrifying to warrant a face full of lead, so no Johnny 5 or Wall-E type stuff.  Your nasty creation could end up appearing in the first expansion pack for Shoot Many Robots when it launches and the winner of the contest will have the awesome chance to be flown over to Boston and sit in with the developers at Demiurge to watch their robotic terror being brought to life!

For more info, hit up the official sites: and

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