Edna & Harvey Sequel Teased!

It has been just a week since the UK release of kooky, point ‘n’ click fest, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – reviewed here – but those gamers who enjoyed the, at times, surreal adventures of Edna and her questionable sidekick, Harvey, are already talking about the possibilities of a sequel.  While new information on smaller games which originate in Germany and mainland Europe is often hard to come by, we were able to unearth some tantalising nuggets which do indeed point at a sequel.

The German ‘Edna Bricht Aus’ Facebook page, reveals a brief teaser trailer featuring Dr Marcel and a new character, along with Harvey himself.  The text roughly translates as: ‘Many evil remains always that, but the largest evil, knows its yet not all’.  So, pretty much: evil always remains so, but the greatest evil knows that it isn’t over yet.  Whether this means the sinister Dr Marcel or our blue pal Harvey (who is sporting a new sinister look), we don’t know and there is precious little information to be found on the title.  What we do know is that it appears that Edna won’t be seeing a return (at least in this game), from the game’s title as much as the teaser which translates as ‘Harvey’s New Eyes’.  Whether the game will be a spin-off of sorts, rather than a true sequel, is currently unknown, but we certainly hope that we haven’t seen the last of the oddball Edna.

Adventure-Treff – a German based adventure game site – have an image taken some time ago, which clearly shows cover art for the game featuring a male protagonist.  According to what we have been able to unearth, the game may see a 2011 release in Germany at least, so we’ll be keeping our eyes open for more details.  The teaser can be viewed here on the official German site, or check it out below.

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  1. Tom S. Fox says:

    A few points: The text in teaser actually translates to, “Some evils always remain the same. (referring to Dr. Marcel) Some change. (referring to Harvey) But the greatest evil is yet to come. (reffering to the little girl, whose name is Lilli)”

    Without wanting to give too much away, you are both right and wrong that Edna won’t appear in this game. That’s all I will say about that.

    You are, however, completely right in that this is rather a spin-off than a sequel as the developers themselves have stressed often enough.

    The man in the middle of the cover art is not the protagonist; the girl on the left is. However, her design has changed a lot as you can see in the teaser.

  2. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    This article was actually published seven months ago by the way – we’ve since learned all that there is to know about the game, but thanks for pointing those out for anyone else who hasn’t yet decided whether they’re going to pick the game up or not. Hope you enjoyed playing it :)

  3. Tom S. Fox says:

    “we’ve since learned all that there is to know about the game”

    I don’t think you have.

  4. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Are you deliberately trying to be inflammatory? A news article written seven months ago on a speculative basis is your foundation to assume that we know nothing about a game… it’s an odd standpoint, to say the least. Debate is fine, but if you’re going to throw around negativity with nothing to support it then we’ll assume you’re a troll.

  5. Lorna Lorna says:

    If you could spare us the attitude Tom, you aren’t the only Harvey fan here! As has been pointed out, this was a news piece run many months ago when info was actually very sparse, as should have been obvious from the date, had you checked before rushing in with corrections because you’re one of the lucky ones to have actually completed it.

  6. Tom S. Fox says:

    Every objective reader will see that I am not the one who is being inflammatory and negative.

  7. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Pointing out inaccuracies in a speculative news post and following it up with “I don’t think you have” when you were offered a very pleasant explanation as a response IS actually both negative and inflammatory as you never proided a basis for your statement, nor are you in a position to question what we do and do not know – it’s arrogant, presumptuous and reeks of condescension. If you can’t see that, then so be it.

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