Boston Indie Showcase Winners Revealed

With Pax East coming hot on the heels of the GDC, that can mean one thing: the results of the Boston Indie Showcase are in.  The showcase was set up both thank Boston based developers and give them the chance to show off their games at PAX alongside the big boys to get some of the recognition that they deserve.  In order to qualify, the devs had to have less than 15 employees on staff and be located in the Boston Metro area, but other than that, the sky was the limit.  So, who won?

Blinding Silence: a puzzle game developed by Team Uncertainty for the PC

Blinding Silence is a sound-based puzzle game as viewed through the ears of a blind man.  A wave of darkness has fallen over the land, and as the light wanes, so too does free will. Using the power of sound, the player must influence mindless drones in order to progress through obstacles, complete levels, and return light to a land of darkness.


Smuggle Truck: an action/puzzle game developed by Owlchemy Labs (awesome name!) for the PC, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad

Smuggle Truck is an over-the-top physics-based driving game where you smuggle your passengers across the border in the least amount of time. Tilt your truck, catch newborn babies, drive over armadillos, and rocket your way over hills, through caverns, and over quicksand to save the people!


Snapshot: a puzzle platformer developed for the PC by Retro Affect

What if a camera captured more than just an image? In Snapshot, thats exactly what Pic’s camera does. It actually absorbs objects into photographs, removing them from existence! Paste one of your pictures back into the world and see all of your captured objects come tumbling out. Capture even the most unusual objects: doors, light, even copies of yourself! Travel through five unique worlds, collect beautiful and elusive objects, and overcome the most challenging puzzles.

With tons of objects to be photographed, theres never just one solution. Plus, objects now caught in motion, continue in motion once they’re pasted. Cant quite reach that button on the ceiling? Capture a falling rock and paste the photo upside down, sending the rock hurtling upwards!  Sometimes a picture is worth so much more than just 1,000 words.


Sounds like a bunch of worthy winners to us and we hope that exhibiting alongside the likes of Warner and co, will give them the boost they need to become future industry names.

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