APB Reboot Beta Fills Swiftly

Out of the ashes of the late Realtime Worlds who closed their doors last August, APB (All Points Bulletin) has, surprisingly, risen up with a healthy new lease of life.  According to MCV, registrations for the reboot of the maligned MMO have skyrocketed, with 100,00 people already signed up to tackle the beta. It is since becoming free-to-play that APB Reloaded has seen a renewed interest (surprise, surprise), which has exceeded the dev team’s expectations: “Well over a hundred thousand people have registered their interest in the beta thus far. [Assuming that] about half of everyone who initially signed up will activate the beta accounts, we will far exceed the number of people we actually expected or even needed for the first closed beta.” Said Bjorn Book-Larsson, from Reloaded Productions.

The MMO is an original looking GTA/Saints Row style MMO and was originally launched with high hopes, but struggled to really make a dent in an already over-saturated market.  When Realtime Worlds closed, the rights were snapped up by GamersFist who are working with Reloaded Productions to bring it back.  The closed beta is set to launch on 28th February.

Source: MCV

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