Tropico 4 Rising To Power In Q2

Closest dictators who have been left high and dry after finishing the city building/ strategy management game Tropico 3 should get ready to dab up their tears because Tropic 4 is on the way and headed for a Q2 release.  The fourth installment of the popular series puts players once again in the steel-heeled tyrannical boots of El Presidente, ruling over the island of Tropico.  This time however, your bearded president has to get with the times and pay close attention to the  ever-changing world market and the players therein.  In fact, the gameplay is, as we would expect, expanded upon from the last installment, with new political additions and even natural disasters to plague you on your rise to power (and swelling bank account).

Tropico 4 is also set to dominate your social networks, with Twitter and Facebook integration and the addition of world leaderboards to show off your new Dictator Rating.  It will see a  release for both Xbox360 and PC sometime in late Spring, bar any slip-backs.

A few more key features are as follows:

  • New campaign – Face 20 new challenging missions across 10 entirely new maps
  • Build Your Vision of Island Perfection – The game boasts enhanced graphics and 20 new buildings
  • State of Emergency – Six new interactive disasters including volcanoes, droughts and tornadoes
  • Council of Ministers – Appoint selected citizens to ministerial posts to help push through and enact your more controversial decisions and edicts
  • National Agenda – Receive objectives from Tropican factions, foreign geopolitical powers or opportunities relating to current island events that can further or hamper your dictatorial ambitions

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  1. Ed C.B says:

    Hurrah! I loved Tropico 3 and it looks like they’re really improving on the last version. I can’t wait to hear more news!

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