Dead Space 2 Launch Giveaway

How would you like to get your half eaten hands on some Dead Space awesomeness? We have yet another bumper prize bundle available to ONE lucky winner… but this time around we also have a runner up prize of a Dead Space Aftermath DVD. The winner, however, will get more goodies than you can shake a Plasma Cutter at…

  • Dead Space 2 for XBox 360
  • Dead Space Aftermath BluRay
  • Dead Space Downfall BluRay
  • Dead Space Salvage graphic novel, signed by artist Christopher Shy
  • The Art of Dead Space hardback art book, signed by artist Christopher Shy
  • Dead Space Martyr paperback novel
  • Dead Space Aftermath A3 promo poster
  • Dead Space 2 T-shirt
  • Dead Space action figure

What do I have to do to win then?
It’s very simple… watch the video below and tell us how many layers of music composer Jason Graves counts out on his fingers when talking about how the music fits with the gameplay.  Once you have the answer, send it to before midnight (GMT) on Friday 4th February.  We’ll select the winner the following morning and contact them for their address, as well as the runner up.

Congratulations to…
Daniel Walker, correctly answering that there were FOUR layers counted out on Jason’s fingers.

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  1. Directing Chaos says:

    “We’ll select the winner the following morning and contact them for their address, as well as the runner up”

    You lot certainly don’t hang around do you, next day for this one and about 4 days for the writing comp… I must say I’m impressed especially as some (“cough” most) companies can take up to a month to inform the winner(s).

    Two thumbs way way up… :-)

  2. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    That’s how we roll in the Shire :D

  3. Directing Chaos says:

    Do i hear a Kevin Smith fan??? Thats a favorite line of his, appears in “Clerks 2″ and one of the “evenings with” he did if i recall correctly.

  4. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Isn’t everyone on the planet a Kevin Smith fan?? Should be a prerequisite really :D I don’t recall that being in either Clerks or Clerks 2 (now I need to watch them again… oh dear, whatever will I do) although it may have been. I was quoting Leonard Hofstadter from Big Bang theory when he was dressed as a Hobbit… series one I believe.

  5. Directing Chaos says:

    He may not say it himself, I may have got that wrong but I’m sure its said in clerks 2 when the star wars/lord of the rings agreement arises.

    Looks like I am wrong, just checked that particular phase is said in the Big Bang Theory (which i happen to be a fan of too doh).

    Talking of Kevin Smith is it just me or is there something evil genius about the idea of a Jay and Silent Bob game with several warped mini games included.

  6. Directing Chaos says:

    I have a good excuse… I’m on copious amounts of drugs (legally), I have a severely damaged back and the medications really screw with my memory. Lets just pretend I said Big Bang Theory in the first place ok, now where’s the edit button lol.

  7. Mark Marks says:

    Another awesome prize giveaway, sometimes being a writer sucks….

  8. Directing Chaos says:

    It would be amazing to win this as I had to cancel my pre-order for Dead Space 2 when our kettle and toaster died in a matter of days. When is the compeition being annouced as I noticed the date above has been scored out.

  9. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Have a look under the scored out date ;)

  10. Directing Chaos says:

    Oh right its been scored out cos its finished and the winners been informed, fair enough well done to them tis certainly a great prize. Sorry for being so dence Markuz, just call it my blonde moment…

  11. Shiftymorgan says:

    Awesome swag though and signed. Its a hoarders dream.
    Deadspace was one of those games that was too good at scaring me. Managed to play it through with my brother.. but I have moved out now and would have to play it on my own with turtle beachs *sob*
    It would be interesting to see the mulitplayer properly

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