The Cursed Crusade Rides To Summer Release

German publishing giant, DTP Entertainment have just announced a new historical action adventure, The Cursed Crusade, set against the rich (and seemingly popular these days) backdrop of medieval western Europe amongst the turmoil of the fourth crusade.  The game is billed as a ‘cooperative third person action-adventure’ and focuses on the lives of two warriors:  Denz – a holy Templar, and Esteban – a mercenary.  The duo, amid the tumultuous backdrop of the crusade and the chaos it begins wreaking on the old world, are on a personal quest for retribution to rid themselves of a curse which threatens their very souls.

The game spans five chapters and boasts 40 missions across some of the great cities of medieval Europe, reportedly offering intense action and a combat engine with over 90 combos and 130+ weapons.  The Cursed Crusade can be played either in local or online co-op and will be hitting shelves some time in the summer for the PS3, Xbox360, and PC.

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