Starpoint Gemini Docks In April

If you like your sci-fi to come on a slice of RPG toast, then the latest space saga on the way from the fantastically named devs, Little Green Men,  should suit you down to the ground.  Starpoint Gemini is a tactical space RPG on the way from Iceberg Interactive and puts the player at the helm of their own vessel, tromping around the Gemini galaxy, enjoying the staple fare of the classic space games: fight, trade, research, and explore.  With a sandbox mode reported to be featured alongside the main story which spans a respectable 30 missions and 50 space sectors, there should be enough to do at least.

Vessels will be upgradeable, space anomalies (must have got bored of popping up to flummox the crew of the Enterprise) can be researched, and players can rank up by increasing their experience…all of which can be brought to bear on rival vessels and even fleets.

Sounds tasty, and a welcome break from the slew of core releases which are getting packed into the first half of the gaming calendar; Starpoint Gemini should be docking in or around April.

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