EDF: Insect Armageddon Teasers Released!

Ham with a side of cheese would usually only apply to a Shatner/Hasslehoff sandwich, however, in gaming terms, it can only mean one thing: yep, EDF is back. We’ve known the game has been on its way for some time, thanks to new developers, Vicious Cycle, however, a new trailer has just been added to the teetering pile here at GLHQ, revealing some surprisingly good looking gameplay footage, so we thought we’d just put up the lot… if only to make GL writer Rich explode in a storm of euphoric juice.

EDF: Insect Armageddon looks to be pretty much the same drill as the first game: annihilate the invading insect scum with any of the vast array of weaponry available, in areas with massively destructible scenery. EDF 2017 became famous for its cheesy, hokey gameplay and worse dialogue, but earned a cult following with its hard-as-diamond-tipped-nails difficulty. Bearing only a handful of achievements, the game was notoriously difficult to max – indeed, one GL writer had to enlist the help of another for several extensive nasty to-the-early-hours gaming sessions to try and beat the vast number of levels on the hardest difficulty. Whether or not the game will be as unforgiving this time around, we can’t yet say, but by the look of the trailers, the graphics have been given a decent revamp and the insect mashing action is back with aplomb.  From the latest screens, your luckless soldier seems to be equipped with more decent gear than his old boiler suit from the last game, seemingly packing a shield and a jet-pack.  Bring it on.

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  1. Richie rich says:

    *Gets ready to wank self to death*

  2. LVL54Spacemonkey says:

    Honestly can’t wait for this. Glad to see the cities look a little different now. They should chuck in real landmarks to destroy… I mean save.

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