Crysis 2 Demo Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow

One of the most eagerly awaited games of this year has to be Crysis 2, especially if you are a graphics whore who likes their games to be system killers.  Well, it seems that Xbox360 fans of the series can grab a brief taste of the game early, because a Crysis 2 demo is heading for Xbox Live tomorrow.  Rather than doling out a portion of the single player game, this exclusive demo (anyone without a gold subscription need not apply) will be multiplayer only, featuring the Skyline map and two game modes:  Team Instant Action and Crash Site – versions of deathmatch and capture the flag.

With the game boasting six gameplay modes and 12 maps, expect a shed load of the dreaded multiplayer achievements when the game finally lands in a few months.  We’ll be mainly pouring over the graphics, here at GLHQ, to see whether they are as good as Crytek have been boasting.  The PC game was a work of art…it will be good to see whether the 360 version can come as close as the devs are saying.

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