NES Game Going For £14k Plus On Ebay!

We’ve all had those ‘bollocks, I wish I hadn’t just done that’ Ebay moments, where we’ve snapped up some gaming tasties at a stupidly high price because we got caught up in the action.  Admittedly, this is all too common where retro classics or rare games are concerned, some of which go for astronomical prices, but how high is too high?

How about this?:

The Ebay auction is for ‘NINTENDO NES FAMILY FITNESS STADIUM EVENTS SEALED NIB’, which is currently circling the £14,017.63 mark.  Yes, we meant to include that many digits.  Released in 1987, the game was only sold in limited shops and, as such, has passed into legend as one of the rarest NES games in history.  One retro article lists it at number six in their ‘Holy Grails of Console Gaming’ list, among titles such as Metal Slug for the Neo-Geo and Pepsi Invaders for the Atari 2600.  The full list can be found here.

Although many of the GL team are avid collectors and retro enthusiasts, we’ve never seen anything go for such a colossal price, sealed MIB rarity or not.  Somehow we don’t see Wii Fit ever reaching that price twenty years down the line, unless the next Prime Minister is a hardcore gamer who orders DEFRA-esque funeral pyres for casual games.  All we can say is that it must contain a map to the Ark of the Covenant on the game’s end screen because that is an eye-watering price tag…and there are still three days to run.

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  1. Michael Author says:

    That is crazy… Where’s my wallet?

  2. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    I sold it on eBay :D

    It IS crazy, isn’t it? It’s probably a shit game too, but some people just NEED their collection to be complete I guess. I remember having to sell all my Wonka props to pay off a tax bill thanks to my ex business partner being a complete twat and never paying the taxes… I think I sold the whole lot for about £1200 but I’d easily have spent that on just the golden ticket alone. A game though… something that was mass produced… I can’t see the value in it myself. To each their own though I guess, and good luck to them if it freezes and they try to ask for a refund!

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