Razer Unveil The Switchblade Concept

It isn’t every day that the internet practically drowns itself in drool, however, with the latest reveal from gaming gubbin producers Razer, all that has swiftly changed.  Known for its hardcore, sexy gaming accessories with names that have bite, Razer have decided to tantalise wallet-strapped gamers even more with the new Razer Switchblade.  This seven inch touchscreen notebook is the stuff that portable gaming dreams were made of, running Windows 7 with aplomb and packing some serious graphical might – enough to run games that most ordinary notebooks twice its size would baulk at.

The minute size makes it more of an outsized gaming handheld than a true notebook, but here at GLHQ, we were too busy fanning ourselves at the sexy look to worry.  The ‘sensitive multi-touch screen’ aside, it is the keyboard which truly wows and is a dynamic interface, which has been designed to specifically suit mobile gaming.  Whereas portable gaming with the traditional mouse and keyboard setup can present problems, particularly in space restricted situations on trains, planes, or even tucked up in bed, Razer have set out to tackle this problem in their usual, bleeding edge style.

The Switchblade has been described as having a ‘tactile, adaptive keyboard’ which can change and, indeed, even intelligently configure itself to suit the controls of any game.  This stroke of genius makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner.  In one, swift stroke, Razer have eliminated those paper keyboard maps, specialist game-specific keyboards, and even heretics like one of our writers, who actually used permanent marker to scrawl on the controls of a recent adventure game, in order to properly remember them.  Using World of Warcraft as an example in the trailer, Razer show off the adaptive nature of the keyboard, which appears to slide and adjust to suit the game, showing icons and commands laid out and ready for easy, intuitive access.  This setup should make gaming life easier across most genres, from RPGS and FPS titles, to the more keyboard-hogging complex controls of games like Starcraft.

Not much else is currently known about this bundle of awesomeness, aside from the fact that it is packing an Intel Atom processor, and specs are currently non-existent.  This appears to be because, sadly, it is just a concept model at this time.  For anyone about to sell their Grannie to get one, we sympathise with your grief and while we shudder to think what it will cost should it make it to market at some point this year, we can’t wait.

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    That’s a bit sexy actually.

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