THQ Adopt Online Pass For Homefront

Homefront: bringing the war to your front door

With other publishers starting to follow in EA’s footsteps, THQ have decided to adopt its controversial ‘Online Pass’ for its upcoming shooter, Homefront.  Brand new copies of the game will contain the pass to allow the player access  to the full online multiplayer element but, as with games that have already adopted it, such as EA’s NFS: Hot Pursuit, anyone snagging the game second hand or borrowing it from a mate will have to fork out cash to purchase the pass online.

According to Shacknews: “Users who do not have an online pass will still be able to play Homefront’s online component; however, the experience is limited. Users will have access to all multiplayer maps but can only progress to a maximum level of 5 out of the full experience’s 75 levels.”

At least with Homefront, gamers will still be able to access the online modes in order to see whether it floats their boat before deciding whether or not to splurge out on a pass if they have picked the title up second hand.  The game is slated for release in early March and actually boats a pretty interesting backstory.

Source: Shacknews

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