RIFT – VIP Beta Code Giveaway

RIFT is the new fantasy MMORPG on the block and is already starting to turn heads from an otherwise MMO jaded gaming crowd.  It seems that there are no peaceful dales and rolling hills to cut your eyeteeth in here; instead, the game is set in a world which is being torn apart.

Thanks to a magical eruption which has weakened the walls between worlds, rifts now tear into existence, sundering reality in the setting of Telara and bringing with it a constant fear of invasion and destruction.  Each one shapes and changes the world around the player, along with ushering in a host of new characters and events.

Choices are, of course, key, as in any good RPG and you can set off on a noble quest to heal the rifts and bring hope and peace to the people of Telara, or otherwise be selfish and attempt to harness the power of the rifts for your own nefarious purposes.

Offering the usual lone gunmen and PvP staples, along with a ‘unique class system’ and some very detailed environments, RIFT is coming out of the traps with a bound.  Whether or not it can go the distance will be up to the players, some of whom will be lucky enough to grab a first look with the upcoming beta games.

Beta access giveaway
We have twenty-five VIP beta codes available, meaning that your access to the closed beta would be unrestricted and not subject to any of the selection processes… in other words, these VIP codes are giving you full access to any and all beta events on offer.  Guaranteed.

How do I enter?
This time around, we’re going to do something very different… no Twitter follows, no status updates, no multiple choice questions and no scouring the interwebz for funny photos of toothless pensioners in funny hats.  What we want you to do is use the comments section below to create your own Rift character from the various races and classes on offer, including your character’s name, their choice of weapon type and a couple of lines of back story for us to wrap our heads around.  Don’t go overboard, seriously… this is just a bit of fun!

Then what?
We’ll close the giveaway on Friday December 24th at 3pm (giveaway is now closed, winners have been emailed!), pick twenty-five winners and notify them by email (so make sure you use your legit email address when commenting!) and they can begin their journey through Telara.  In order to use the beta key, you’ll obviously need an account with Trion which you can get here.  You’ll also need to make sure that your system can run the game, so we’re including the minimum system requirements below. The rest, you can leave up to us!

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Hard disk space: 8.0 GB available
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce FX 5900, ATI/AMD Radeon X300, Intel GMA X4500 or better.
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compliant card
  • DirectX®: 9.0c, June 2010 update
  • Broadband internet connection (DSL, cable modem or other high speed connection)

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  1. brad says:

    Ephaedra – high elf – rift stalker

    A orphan of the rift wastelands, Ephaedra quickly turns on any party members for greater personal gain

  2. Robert Sanders says:

    Hellbastard, a Mathosian Warlord.
    Hellbastard was the illegitimate lovechild of Freekhi the Bahmi and Gruhmpi the Dwarf. Growing up in his mother’s brothel, he developed a fondness for PVC and smashing Kelari skulls with his mighty Warcleaver.

  3. Gornek says:

    Morrigan – Mathosian – Nightblade

    Morrigan learned in the dark arts by Clan Zardonis, holder of the Spinebreaker Blade is a cunning foe. She is one of the most feared assasins in the kingdom. Some of their targets have been known to commit suicide once they learn that those hired killers are after them, realizing that death is inevitable and preferring to die on their own terms.

  4. Aaron says:

    Adonis – Mathosian – Warload – Pole arm
    Adonis son of Heric has been driven to be the best. Going and training with some of the best warriors in the land. Now he is readying himself for the battle of his life. Adonis is out to keep his land free rifts.

  5. Conor says:

    Veonca, The Kelari Warlock

    Considered to be one of the most beautiful Kelari in existence, it was no suprise the number of men who sought her company. However, it seemed that any man who spent an evening in her company perished shortly thereafter. It was in this manner that Veonca, armed with a mysteriously ornate staff, used her deadly beauty to rid herself of her foes.

  6. Josh O says:

    Name: Doub
    Race: High Elves
    Class: Rogue
    Weapon: Duel welding Daggers
    Doub is an outcast tending to stay on the outside of society. However with Rifts becoming more frequent he is being forced to team up with other travelers. Not trusting anyone especially other elves Doub is ready to fight at any moment.

  7. crash says:

    Braun, Bahmi Warlord
    Sword/Shield or 2 handed sword based on what the situation calls for.

    The many scars on Braun’s face tell a story of years of being the first in, and last out of battle. While some might label him as cold and solitary, the few who know him are aware of the pride he takes in absorbing the brunt of his enemies attacks while his allies advance into combat behind him.

  8. karabass says:

    Ascended Karabass was reborn to free Telara from the influence of the Blood Storm. Dyes rare, but if he does – only for beloved Telara!
    Gardian, dual wielding Nightblade/ Riftstalker with weakness for Legendary Weapon, belongs to Race of Mathosians (Handsome Devil).
    Nightblade’s stealth, deadly agility and their knowledge of arcane magic plus Riftstalker’s ability to bend the planes and appear in the ideal place and time in a fight.
    Fights alone. Doesn’t make new friends easily. But if he does – it is forever!

  9. ringostarr says:

    Name: Shatura
    Race: Dwarves
    Class: Rogue
    My Weapon: Dual Sword or Daggers

    Hidden in the dark, Shatura follows the Mathosian Warrior. His daggers are soaked with poison and sharped as hell. Suddenly the Warrior turns arround. Shatura rams the daggers with all of his power in the heart of the Mathosian Warrior. Shatura feels the breath of the warrior and sees the death in his eyes.

  10. Dblind1 says:

    Name: Spellicious
    Race: Bahmi
    Class: Warlock/Necromancer/Dominator
    Weapons: Spellblade & Spell book

    With all her might and magic she is a vary powerful foe so it might be to your advantage to be her friend.

  11. Thormod says:

    Name: Khal’ira
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Rogue
    Weapons: Dual Enchanted Katanas

    Exiled from his native tribe, Khal’ira specialises in assassinations and mainly travels under the cover of night. An expert with a blade, he is a force to be reckoned with.

  12. Resp says:

    Name: Resp
    Race: Mathosian
    Class: Cleric/Inquisitor
    Weapons: Mace/Shield

    Resp, the young Cleric, always wanted to deal damage in a fight like his older siblings of his family. However most of his siblings would chgarge into battle headstrong like lemmings off a cliff. Thus poor Resp was always left in the back ressurecting the fallen. Now tired of the endless screams for help, he has joined a new brotherhood which is teaching him the way of the inquistion. With these new skills he hopes to help his brothers in arms in battle instead of being stuck behind, burying the dead.

  13. moE says:

    Name: Kouhei
    Race: Mathosian
    Class: Warlord / Champion / Paragon
    Weapons: Unholy Claymore

    With his strength to boost the power of his allies Kouhei always cherish the life of his friends. Even to offer his life in exchange of teammates. Thats why he stand strong in front of his friends and takes on every attack of the enemies because he is the pillar which supports the party.

  14. Leo says:

    Name: Cidiya
    Race: High Elves
    Class: Rogue

    Highly sensitive and has a strong will. She sees through every magic tricks and attack the very core of anyone she encounters

  15. Charles says:

    Igtenos. Son High Elf of a simple farmer. After having watched his father brutally murdered by beasts that emerged from a devastating rift, Igtenos fled to Sanctum. There he was ascended in the form a Mage. His weapon of choice, an entropy-enshrouded long-sword. He would use the soul he has obtained. He would avenge his father.

  16. Knikitta says:

    Name: Shaliria
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Ranger
    Weapon: Bow – Handmade and passed down through her family for generations.

    Stubborn, clumsy and opinionated, yet her ability to fight along side any beast and despite her clumsiness, her precision with a bow is unfounded amongst her people.

  17. porphyre says:

    Name: Vergil
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Cleric/Sentinel

    As a son of a dwarfen priest he learned to use the divine powers to aid his companions in the battle against those filthy monsters which enter the world through the rifts. To defend himself he uses his warhammer which has been forged by his grandfather when he was young. Besides being able to fight with his weapon he usually concentrates to keep others alive using his healing powers.

  18. FC360 says:

    Name: Mike, I can’t think of any good rpg names lol
    Race: Eth
    Class: Riftstalker

    A Lone traveller who wonders around the land, he has no friends and stays nowhere for very long. He does not care for fighting and tends to walk away from a fight however he is highly skilled in defensive fighting and has the ability to defend himself and others around him and kill anyone who attacks.

  19. Jelly says:

    not just a pretty face,jelly will clonk you over the head with her mace if you get in her way..but if your nice she’ll also heal you after shes finished with you =D

  20. Gathor says:

    Name: Fragile
    Race: Bahmi
    Class/Soul: Mix Reavers with some Justicars skills
    Weapon: Battle Axe and shield

    Fragile is one of the few Defiant survives after the Guardian attack. He may at first seem fragile, but when he get his dot running and target at melee range nothing seem to be able to damage him. So he will help rebuild the Defiant race and lead them in battle against the invaders coming true the rifts.

  21. Gandalf's Beard says:

    Name: Darth Garth
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Riftstalker
    Weapon: Battle Axe

    Although short in stature, Darth Garth has no fear of death and will charge in to any situation with his trusty Battle Axe “Slicer” to make light work of any enemy. Trustworthy and loyal, he is an asset to any guild.

  22. Axos says:

    Name: Axos
    Race: Eth
    Class/Soul: Justicar/Shaman
    Weapon: Mace

    From the desert wastelands comes a human perfectly balanced in hand-to-hand combat and healing. This “One Man Gang” named Axos is determined to rid Telara of The Guardians or any other foe opposed to his ways.

  23. Silious says:

    Name: Silious
    Race: Elf
    Class: Stormcaller
    Weapon: Old Oak Staff

    Silious watched his village go up in one large fiery explosion. A fire rift had opened only feet from his family’s house. He tried to reach his house in time but it was too late. It too had exploded with unearthly fires. Falling to his knees with tears streaking his face, Silious screamed. Then as if someone had heard his grief a torrent of rain flooded the fires while a strong gale drove the demons away. A blinding flash of light struck the rift. When Silious opened his eyes he saw nothing but the charred remains of the village and its inhabitants. Tears still flowing he knew what he must learn to do…

  24. Gerry Hardaker says:

    Name: Galtharius
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Ranger
    Weapon: Bow of Annihilation (enchanted)

    Taller than most of his race, Galtharius has incredible speed on foot and enough stamina to run for miles without stopping. Increased agility allows him to climb trees and jump from limb to limb to find the perfect sniping position for a quiet and precise kill.

  25. Robert says:

    Name: Blazon
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Elementalist/Stormcaller/Archon
    Weapons: Mythical Elven Sword/Enchanted Tome

    A humble elven scholar of a small village on the outskirts of Telara. His studies consisted of elementals, stormcalling as well as Archon magic. One day the thunder of a small division of Blood Storm soldiers fell upon his village. Defiant to the dark armies, Blazon held the soldiers back with the magics that he learned but, his skills soon fell short when a Captain marked by Regulos appeared from the ranks. Resistant to Blazon’s unmastered abilities the Regulos Captain struck him down and soon destroyed the village. Awaken after his acension, Blazon vowed to master his abilities and seek revenge to destroy the dark armies of Regulos and any others that stood in his way!

  26. Bob says:

    I would make a Dwarf Inquisitor/warden. I would name him Battousai or Kenpachi, and he would walk around with a giant hammer.

    Kenpachi was born in a dwarf clan high in the mountains of telara. He was raised on the art of healing, but was kidnapped by orcs. He foguth his way through the orc war party, and ended up earning their respect. as a gift, one of the orc mystics taught him the ways of the dark arts. He has gone through life fighting both sides to maintain the balance and the power of both paths.

  27. Simon says:

    Name: Rankohra
    Race: Mathosian
    Class: Warlord
    Weapon: Sword and Mace

    Huge and full of muscles, Rankohra lives in Port Scion and travels the lands to fight evil by slashing people with his sword and spraying their eyes with his mace. As a Mathosian he is loyal and would die for the cause, and frequently does.

  28. stel says:

    Elleste the Kelari Rogue armed with duel welding daggers is an intelligent. calm Kelari who is very in touch with her spiritual side, despite her beauty she is hard to find, she is often hidden in the darkness looking to make her targets nightmares come true. Although she prefers to work alone Elleste understands the importance of allies and welcomes any who wish to aid her.

  29. Tristan says:

    Name: Khalimzor
    Race: Eth
    Class: Blade Dancer
    Weapon: Sword + Sword Breaker

    An ancient Eth warrior from before the desert clans were united in federation, Khalimzor was resurrected to aid the Defiant in protecting Telara from the dangers beyond the Ward. His behavior betrays his age — shock at the wondrous technology recovered from the desert sands, for he is of a time preceding that of the technomagic empire, and wariness at the prospect of a united front against an unknown enemy. A stranger in a strange land, woken from centuries of slumber and tasked with saving a world no longer his own, will Khalimzor be up to the task?

  30. Azumi says:

    Name: Azumi
    Race: High Elf
    Class: rogue
    Weapons: bow/daggers

    not much is known about this Dangerous Seductress …. beware

  31. Vodrake says:

    Name: Vodrake Cercellus
    Race: Kelari
    Class: Elementalist

    Having learned the art of Elementalism at a young age, Vodrake was a week and frail child, forced to rely on his magic for practicly everything. Unfortunately although he learned his magic early, he also peaked early and did not prove strong enough when his village was raded. Although he fought with all his might he was unable to save his settlement. Now he wanders the land, binding elemental spirits to him in order to increase his power so he might gain the strength to avenge himself upon his enemies.

  32. dfx says:

    Name: aques
    Race: Bahmi
    Class: Stormcaller (Elementalist/Archon for 2nd/3rd souls)
    Weapon: Staves, Books (if available)

    Having been raised with a sefir of fire , Aques refuses to accept his upbringing. While recognizing the need for a strong will and strong personality, Aques is different from his people: he is cool and collected. Originally, he was thought of as a raincaller, a modern shaman to bring hope to his nomadic people. As he grew and learned about his own latent abilities, water became the focus – rain, storms, controlling of that which is around him in the most direct fashion. Only time will tell the future of Aques.

  33. Akso says:

    Name: Kesseel
    Race: Bahmi
    Class: Walord/Champion

    A young Bahmi warrior that exudes an aura that inspires those arround him to be fearless in battle. Kesseel’s reckless nature and hunger for battle attract only the strongest warriors to fight at his side. He believes the best defence is a crippling offense and will often be seen deep in enemy lines, hacking away with his massive halberd.

  34. Hunter says:

    Acheron, the Mathosian Warlord

    Encased in full battle armor and wielding a mighty claymore, Acheron mysteriously entered what appeared to be a completely lost battle. Saying absolutely nothing, Acheron charged straight into the thick of the enemy. Seeing this lack of fear, the men around him followed after him. Although widely considered to be a great hero, nobody has seen the face of Acheron, nor have they yet to hear him speak.

  35. Gregor says:

    Name: Baarney
    Race: Dwarves
    Class: Rogue
    Weapons: Dual Battle Axes

    Fiery red hair and built like a brick shithouse, Baarney likes to squash bugs as he trundles through the undergrowth and cleaves heads wide open with this twin axes. Choosing to fight without a shield, and limited armor, Baarney is a little bit insane but that’s what makes him a valuable asset!

  36. jamiri says:

    Name: Jamiri
    Race: Eth
    Class: Cleric
    Weapons: Faith :D

    At the right time on the right place to help my friends.

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