Two Worlds II Royal Edition Giveaway

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Two Worlds II follows on from where the previous game left off, and has our hero on the quest to free his sister Kyra, as well as the land of Antaloor, from Gandohar’s power. To celebrate the final launch date of the UK release of Two Worlds II after years of waiting and hoping, and to coincide with  the publication of the first half of our Two Worlds II review, we’re offering one of our lucky readers a chance to win the jam packed Royal Edition in the format of your choice… please note that this is the GERMAN version of the game but the box still contains English wording and the game has English as a language option (otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to review it) but the manual is ONLY in German!

What’s In The Box?
Rather a lot, actually.  As well as coming in a rather sexy black box with pull out tray, those lovely people at Reality Pump and TopWare Interactive have crammed it full with…

  • Two Worlds II game
  • Mousemat (PC version)
  • Hardcover Art Book
  • Cassara prophet figurine (27cm tall)
  • Soundtrack
  • Bonus materials – videos and wallpapers
  • Two Worlds II playing cards
  • Map of Antaloor
  • In Game Item – Dragon Scale Armour
  • In Game Item – Elexorian Sword
  • In Game Item – Bonus Map
  • In Game Item – Bonus Quest

How to Enter
This is no ordinary special edition set – it’s huge, it’s full of goodies and it’s not even out in the UK for another month… so we’re going to break with tradition for a while and make you jump through hoops.  We’re not really.  This isn’t a Twitter giveaway though, we want you to email us at and tell us why you think you should be the lucky winner.  You should also tell us which format you want – PC, XBox 360 or Playstation 3 as this will save time in the long run.

And Then?
The competition will be drawn on Friday 24th December at 10pm and the lucky winner will be announced on this page as well as on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re the lucky winner of the Two Worlds II Royal Edition, then we’ll send you an email to ask for your address so we can get your set sent off to you.  We ask that you be patient with us though, as this will be sent to you direct from Germany and could take as long as a week to arrive… unless you’re already in Germany, of course.

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  1. FC360 says:

    oooooooooooo nice competition

  2. rich says:

    aw man! Can I stop being a writer now so I can enter? ;)

  3. Samuel Samuel says:

    What Rich said, and how.

  4. Chronorayven says:

    This prize looks so awesome too bad I won’t be able to win since I suck at writing anything well anyways congrats to the winner. :)

  5. Michael Moverley says:

    Thanks for choosing me as one of the winners and on Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday GamingLives.

  6. FC360 says:

    You guys are the best gaming site I have ever encountered, and the funniest. Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner and congratulations to Mike M :) Merry Christmas hope you all have a good day and get tons of games

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