Dead Money New Vegas DLC Trailer

Dead Money, the first (of undoubtedly many) Fallout: New Vegas DLC is drawing slowly closer to its 21st December release date.  In Dead Money, you find yourself having to work alongside other wasteland survivors to recover a legendary treasure, while facing more tough choices and even tougher enemies.  Well, you didn’t think they’d make it easy did you?  Where would you be if your face wasn’t being chewed off by a Deathclaw?

In addition:

  • Take part in a suspenseful post-apocalyptic casino heist in which you’ll need to work with three companions, each of whom has their own motivation for helping you.
  • Add hours of extended gameplay where you’ll encounter the mysterious Ghost People, pre-war death traps and the holographic security system of the Sierra Madre.
  • Navigate your way through a challenging new storyline, with even tougher choices.
  • New perks, achievements, and a raised level cap to 35!

In the meantime, for those of you who just can’t wait for anything, check out the trailer below…

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  1. Michael Author says:

    Fallout mixed with Battle Royale 2 mixed with Oceans 11…

    Looks good!

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