Mass Effect 3 Revealed At Spike VGA

In a Spike VGA to remember, among gobsmacking reveals, such as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was the eagerly awaited, Mass Effect 3.  Bioware have been teasing a new game for a while, leading to speculation that it was a third title in the much drooled over franchise and now, the truth is out there and it looks good.

The game is being described as ‘the pinnacle of Commander Shepard’s emotionally charged journey’ and is being trailed as humanity’s last stand, and it isn’t hard to see why from the trailer.  Earth is under attack, and humanity, shattered and sundered, is fighting a vicious last stand in an impressive teaser trailer that had us on the edge of our seats.  Yes, trailers these days are very filmic, with gruff voice-overs and bombastic soundtracks, however, we were sucked in and we’re not ashamed to say so.  We can’t wait.  The future of gaming is certainly looking brighter than David Dickenson’s tan.

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