Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Coming Nov. 2011

Finally, the reveal that we’ve only been waiting years for:  Elder Scrolls V has been formally announced and the release date set as 11.11.11.  The game will be a direct sequel to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its official title is: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Revealed yesterday at the Spike VGA, the teaser trailer showed a slumbering Dragon threat, believed to have been defeated, but whose return was foretold by the fabled Elder Scrolls; it appears that the scrolls told of their return after the opening of Oblivion, (the events the fourth game).  We are also shown hints of a civil war in Skyrim and a legendary hero, known as Dragon Born, who, naturally, can combat this ancient threat.

Elder Scrolls fans will be no stranger to Skyrim; it is referenced in other Elder Scrolls games and is the fictional home of the Nords, one of the races available to players at the start of Elder Scrolls IV.  It is a rugged, mountainous region, frost bound and snowy and with an equally hardy history of battles, bloodshed, civil war, and rebellion.  Whether we will be playing as the legendary hero, Dragon Born – in a change to the ‘DIY convict’ character from the previous games – or whether as one of his descendants, remains to be seen.  We couldn’t care less at this point though, we’re still on a high after the announcement that we have been waiting for for bloody years.  And 11.11.11?  Nice.

Check out the trailer on our YouTube channel now!

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