Star Trek Online: Third Season

Good news for Trek gamers as Atari have announced that the third season of Star Trek Online will be heading for release on 9th December.  It is titled ‘Genesis’ and includes some interesting new features, including:

  • The Foundry Beta (v 0.3) – Cryptic’s player-created content system will go into public beta when Season Three: Genesis launches. The Foundry gives players the chance to design their own missions in Star Trek Online. Players can share their creations with friends, and Cryptic’s proprietary content rating system will ensure only the best missions become promoted.
  • New Sector Space – Cryptic has revamped Sector Space to give it a more realistic look and feel.
  • Episode Replay – In Genesis, players will be able to replay every mission they’ve previously enjoyed, and some will feature brand new rewards.
  • Borg Technology In Ships – In Season Three, players will be able to integrate Borg technology into their ships. This new loot from Special Task Force missions will greatly augment a ship’s usefulness as well as its appearance.

Is the new update enough to keep STO fans happy?  Perhaps – season two’s raising of the level cap and ability to pimp out the ready room, among other updates, were welcome additions but there was a feeling that there wasn’t a great deal else delivered.  We shall soon see whether the third has more to offer.  More info can be found on the official site.

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  1. Mark Mark S says:

    Ive played some of the stuff on the test server. New functionality to the ship internals is a step in the right direction, the new sector stuff looks pretty cool and because its alot darker the ships lights and things look sharper giving it an over all better feel.

    And with the new authoring system ill be able to make a mission where i have to save the USS Gaminglives from Romulans! DAMN ROMULANS!

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