Deadstorm Pirates Sails Onto PSN

We’re sick to the back teeth of zombies, here at GLHQ, but pirates?  Well, we can’t get enough of pirates which is just as well, since they appear to be slowly slipping into more titles, the latest being ‘Deadstorm Pirates’ from Namco Bandai.  Boasting a commendably piratey name, Deadstorm Pirates is heading for the Playstation Network this November after seeing an arcade release earlier this year.  Costing £15.99 or the equivalent in doubloons, the game promises to be compatible with the Playstation Move controller and the G-con 3 gun – which is just as well because the game is packing more heat than Chuck Norris.

Deadstorm Pirates tasks the player to step into the peg leg of a fresh buccaneer and pitches them against all manner of lethal denizens of the deep in a bid to secure Poseidon’s treasure.  Rather than the usual flintlock pistol and cutlass combo however, you’ll have a rapid-fire machine gun at your disposal.  Rather convenient, but we won’t quibble, after all, Blackbeard would have been grateful for one of those, right up until his head was used to adorn the Ranger’s bowsprit.

The game gives you the chance to tackle the terrors of the high seas solo or to press-gang a mate for some two player co-op carnage while you navigate rapids, unleash canon balls and endless bullets at your foes, and climb the global leaderboards.  Just avoid a certain used shipyard for your nautical needs…we heard from a disillusioned young wannabe pirate that it is less than satisfactory.

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