Fallout: New Vegas Giveaway

You know what it’s like living in the Wastelands, going from one corrugated iron shack to the next and never able to call anywhere home. Nobody to snuggle up to at night except for a canine with its brain exposed or a recently acquired sexbot.  If only there was some way to brighten the place up a bit AND help your character out a little bit at the same time.  Well guess what wanderers… we’re here to make your stay in New Vegas a little more pleasant than normal.

Unfortunately, we can’t really do anything about the whole snuggling situation so you’re on your own there but perhaps these goodies will go some way towards making up for that until you get used to the whole FISTO experience.

What we have on offer for you today is this bundle of radioactive* awesomeness…

  • “All Roads” Limited availability 24″ x 17″ lithograph promo poster given away by Bethesda at PAX Prime and San Diego Comic Con. Featuring artwork by Geof Darrow and colouring by Peter Doherty.
  • Fallout: New Vegas Hardback Collector’s Edition Guide from PRIMA… this amazing thing is HUGE, you may need to quit your job!
  • XBox 360 Classic Pack DLC including:
    1) Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit
    2) Weathered 10mm pistol
    3) Vault 13 canteen
    4) 5  stimpaks
  • XBox 360 Mercenary Pack DLC including:
    1) Lightweight metal armor
    2) Mercenary’s grenade rifle
    3) 3 super stimpaks
    3) 3 doctor’s bags

* It’s not actually radioactive. Presumably.

OK, so who do I have to kill to get this?
Well actually, New Vegas is just a game… so we’re not going to expect you to do anything like that. Instead, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter and use the following phrase as your Twitter status update, including the web address at the end:

I want to win all your #Fallout #NewVegas goodies @GamingLives because war never changes and I need some caps http://bit.ly/GLNVcomp

When does it all end??
Ah yes, the 6 million caps question… the competition will run from Tuesday 26th October until Friday 29th at 6pm and the lucky winner will be announced on this page and on Twitter and Facebook.  If you’re the lucky New Vegas bundle winner, then we’ll send you a DM on Twitter and ask for your address to get your scavenged items sorted. No companion wheels to sift through, none of this “bring me their head as proof” malarky… just follow us and pass it on. Simple. If we see that you’ve not followed us, or you’ve not tweeted the phrase, you won’t be eligible… sorry!  Good luck.

Congratulations go to…
Our lucky winner was @Jam_Sponge – goodies will shortly be strapped to a homing fire gecko and sent on its way to you!

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