‘The UnderGarden’ Springs To Life

Every once in a while a gaming oddity emerges…in fact, anything without guns in it could be classed in that category at the moment, so the latest screenshots for upcoming Atari game, The UnderGarden, caused much comment here at GLHQ.  Billing itself as a ‘zen style puzzler’, The UnderGarden is a casual game which lets players explore ethereal underground caverns which are full of strange lifeforms and secrets amid eye-catching visuals.  From the screens, it looks to be a melt-into-your-armchair experience which, combined with the game’s feature of ‘evolving music’, appears to promise chilled out gaming as a salve to those ridden hard by this Autumn’s batch of shooters.

The UnderGarden hits XBLA and PC on 10th November 2010, so if a touch of serenity floats your boat, chuck out that old tape of Whale music and prepare to get your gaming gear around this surreal looking puzzler.

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  1. Jocky says:


    Is that a euphemism?

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    If it turns out to be one, whoever it belongs to should get checked out….fauna like that has to be a tad hazzardous, surely…

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