Sex Sells Again In Fable 3

Well, it wouldn’t be Fable without prostitutes and this picture doing the rounds goes to show that Lionhead won’t be letting us down on that score at least.  Albion may be moving on in terms of industry, but it is still as satisfyingly debauched and saucy as ever it was and to that, here at GLHQ,  we say ‘good show’.  Perhaps our favourite part of this picture (and there are many) is the note in the upper right corner which reads “Prostitutes – You should have seen the ones we weren’t allowed to make!”

We would be screaming “put them in as Easter Eggs!” right now but sadly, something tells us that even Lionhead with their trademark sense of humour would have been slapped down by the big ‘M’ if they tried to go too dirty, even if they hid it.  Never mind, this will keep the internet homophobes frothing at the mouth, the puritans choking on righteous indignation, and the rest of us pervs chortling until the game’s late October release.

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  1. Ben Ben says:

    Some interesting cosplay ideas there for some folks much braver than me.

  2. Splicer261 says:

    lol Ben,

    Why didn’t i think of that’s a genius comment

  3. Lorna Lorna says:

    Love this artwork and would love figurines of all of these :D As for cosplay, it would be a bit drafty and you’d risk shrinking your valuable assets.

  4. Kat says:

    Really starting to get excited for this game. Need a cold shower ^_^

  5. Jocky says:

    Fable has certainly started to develop a unique identity for itself – love it.

    The golden codpiece better not be paid for DLC…

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