Gray Matter Slips to February 2011

We'd be too scared to even deliver milk here, frankly

The anticipated adventure, Gray Matter has had its October release pushed back into next year.  Publisher Lace Mamba announced the slippage today, giving the new release date as 25th February 2011 for both the Xbox and PC versions.  Explaining the decision in greater detail, Jason Codd from Lace Mamba had the following to say:

“I understand that this is very frustrating for consumers who have pre-ordered the game and we are very disappointed also as we have been building up to the release, started our marketing and PR but due to the tight time frames, and the need for more polishing of the game we had no alternative but to make a quick decision and delay the product until February.”  He went on to say that  “This will give the development team more time in ensuring that the game measures up to the standards that have been set, and we now know for certain that the date we have is the date Gray Matter will be available”

Gray Matter is the brainchild of noted adventure author, Jane Jensen, respected in the point ‘n’ click field for her success in the nineties with the Gabriel Knight series.  The game is a supernatural, gothic mystery, spun out over six chapters and focuses on Neurobiologist, Dr David Styles.  After the death of his wife, Styles has become a recluse, staying safely ensconced in his home, Dread Hill House (yes, we’d be running by now too).  After taking on a student and part time street performer, Samantha Everett as his assistant, Styles begins conducting a number of experiments with her help and, of course, it isn’t long before odd and inexplicable events start to take place and the duo have to try and solve the mystery.

While the PC boasts a rich niche of point ‘n’ click adventure game mysteries and horrors, the genre is relatively overlooked by the mainstream with the obvious big name exceptions.  However, there are many gems tucked away in this thriving corner of the industry and Gray Matter, with the pedigree of its creator, may well be another one to break out, as Machinarium did earlier this year, especially given that it will also be heading for a console release.  Time will tell, however, for now, we’ll have to hold on until February 2011.

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