Castlevania Bug Devours PS3 Saves

If there is one thing guaranteed to make a gamer mangle their console in rage, it is losing a save file.  It is ten times worse when that save file is the only one that you have.  Enter Castlevania, barely out and already causing outcry among the PS3 gaming populace, thanks to its sudden tendency to erase precious save data entirely.  It seems that upon booting back up to continue a game, users are receiving the following message:  “save file corrupt, will now overwrite, press X to continue”  Of course, there is no other option but to press X, which then allows your saved data to wither away like a penis on ice.

In a game with endless save slots, this wouldn’t be such an issue perhaps, if the player is cautious that it, however, Castlevania only boasts one lone save slot….meaning that unless you have backed up to a USB stick, you’re screwed.  So, unless you want your game out for the count (did you have to? – Ed.), back up to a USB drive or wait for a patch.

Source: GamesRadar

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