Aardman Take On The Rabbids!

When it comes to cute but chaotic characters and award winning comedy, who better than to call when you need a partner but Aardman, creators of the phenomenal Wallace and Gromit series, and this is exactly what Ubisoft have done.  The publisher has teamed up with Aardman to create a pilot and number of shorts based on the wacky Ubisoft Rabbids who are to appear in a new game later this month.

“The not-so-subtle humor of the Rabbids has made them into icons in and beyond video games,” says Xavier Poix, Managing Director at Ubisoft’s French studios. He goes on to say that “Aardman perfectly understands that humor and we are extremely excited to be working with them to bring the Rabbids to a new medium and a new audience.”

The animated pilot will be a joint production between Aardman and Ubisoft and the two are already busy collaborating on the brand by working together on the website dedicated to the upcoming ‘Raving Rabbids Travel In Time’. If anyone could pull off bringing the Rabbids to life and staying true to their comic, chaotic nature, it is Aardman…though whether this will be standard animation or the company’s traditional claymation style, remains to be seen.  Regardless, let’s just hope that, given the Rabbids’ penchant for trouble, they avoid letting them loose with any lit tapers near the Aardman storage warehouses.

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