Donkey Kong Leaps Into Winter Lineup

It seems that the packed Autumn/Winter schedules are set to get a little plumper with Donkey Kong Country Returns wedging its hairy backside into the impressive year end lineup.  Launching on 3rd December exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced at Nintendo’s E3 2010 conference among a number of returning fan favourites such as Kid Icarus.

For years, Nintendo have been accused of appealing solely to the casual market, however, Donkey Kong Country Returns is just one of a heavy lineup of some of Nintendo’s stalwart, but forgotten, characters and franchises which have suddenly ushered the hardcore in from the cold.

The game sees the return of the side-scrolling jungle experience, with the familiar features that DK fans have come to expect, from mine-carts to barrel cannons, along with revamped graphics, and returning characters such as Diddy Kong.  Also included is a new two player mode in which players work as a team, with Diddy and the big Kong teaming up to solve puzzles and traverse the game’s more challenging areas in a bid to rescue DK’s banana hoard from a raft of enemies.

So, as if we didn’t have enough on our to-buy lists, DK has now muscled in on the action this winter.  If you like your side-scrolling platformers retro and furry, then dust off your Wii and save the date for 3rd December.

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