Naughty Bear Stalking iPhone Release

NB's leaderboards and score rivalry are ideal for the iPhone platform at least

Well…it wasn’t the most obvious platform leap, however, it appears that Naughty Bear will be skulking onto the iPhone  and iPod Touch in the near future.  Everyone’s favourite homicidal bundle of stuffing has been hacking his way around regular consoles for six months now, and 505 Games and A2M have now decided to let him loose on Apple’s gadgets to see how he fares.

“With the launch of the iPhone version, Naughty Bear fans can finally, and quite literally, take matters into their own hands.” Said Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand Management at 505 Games.  Indeed, though how it will work is leaving us scratching our heads at the present time, though the thought of fluffy carnage on the move is not unappealing, we must say.

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