Alan Wake – New DLC Trailer

The trailer for the (supposedly) final chunk of Alan Wake DLC has now hit the net, courtesy of developer, Remedy, with the release date slated for 12th October.  ‘The Writer’ DLC appears to suggest that, with Zane’s help, Wake will bring his nightmare, introduced in ‘The Signal’ DLC under control.  While ‘The Signal’ boasted a cluster fuck of surreal locations and non-stop action gameplay, there was little to further the main story unless you count the leaning towards one ‘story theory’, (while introducing another question or two).

It seems that ‘The Writer’, by all appearances, has managed to combine both…the stifling action of ‘The Signal’ appears to be present but we may get a few more answers to the game’s questions this time, though whether or not those answers will be what we want to hear or what the theorists considered is another matter.  Somehow, we doubt that Remedy will be spilling all the beans just yet, with the promise of Alan Wake 2 still hovering, so expect more questions than answers when Wake sorts out his nightmares and takes control of his plight.  Oh, and Barry is back, great stuff.  Let’s just hope they go easy on the collectibles and avoid another ‘no snuffing it’ achievement this time.

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