Elder Scrolls Film Rumoured

The lust for game-to-film conversions doesn’t appear to be waning, with Bethesda’s classic RPG series now rumoured to be heading for the silver screen.  Yes, according to VGTribune, ZeniMax Media – parent company to Bethesda have filed a trademark for the term Oblivion, classed under ‘entertainment services, providing motion picture theatrical films in the field of fantasy games’.

So, are they merely protecting their IP or genuinely planning a saga of epic Elder Scrolls films?  With the in-game hero being player created, conjuring a strong, marketable character(s) to carry such a weighty franchise will be a big ask, let alone paying proper tribute to a title which still rides high among ‘top anything ever’ lists.

Ordinarily, by now, we’d be throwing things at our PC monitors as we do whenever the latest asinine game-to-film rumour surfaces.  This one, however, appears to have stayed our hands.  Instead, at GLHQ, most of us are  quietly contemplating how good it could be if they, by some miracle, got it right.  It could be like Lord of the Rings but without the endless walking and two dozen endings.  Imagine seeing the Oblivion gates opening up on the big screen, the searing beauty of the Imperial City, or the snow-dusted charm of Bruma’s sleepy town…it has the potential to leave Rivendell and the rest a blubbering, ugly mess by comparison.  It likely won’t happen, but if it did…scorchio.

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  1. Daniel Webber says:

    Elder Scrolls film would be epic. They should make all 5!

  2. Bobby says:

    They should definately make a movie out of the elder scrolls and include all the games. One suggestion that the movie makers should include would be in the begginig of the movie describe the history/ history lore of ALL the elder scrolls. For example go to the elder scrolls wiki and look at the lore page and describe about how the planets and continent were created and about aedra and daedra, and basically including all the lore and most importantly, what the elder scrolls them selves are. This would be a great movie if made and I personally think it should become a trilogy or something because there is too much information that has been included in 5 games to be put into one movie. I feel if it was turned into one movie, then a lot of important information and lore would be left out causing the movie to disapoint many elder scrolls gamers or anybody who likes the elder scrolls. Overall I really think this would be a great movie(s). Please consider making them.

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