Silent Hill 8 Stalking 2011 Release

From the trailer, it looks stunning

Konami have now officially revealed that the long awaited eighth installment in the Silent Hill franchise is on the way for next year.  Pencilled in for a 2011 launch, Silent Hill 8 will see both a PS3 and an Xbox360 release.  The third person horror promises a ‘thought provoking storyline’ which both honors and builds upon the series’ history while introducing what Konami Digital describe as ‘unique evolutions in gamplay’.

“We’re working hard to build a next generation horror game that the fans truly deserve,” said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. “This Silent Hill introduces an all-new storyline and unique evolutions in gameplay, building on innovations and successes from over a decade of true survival horror and terror.”

After a prison transport vehicle unexpectedly plunges off the road, one solitary inmate, Murphy Pendleton, is is left stranded in Silent Hill.  Poor bastard.  Up against terrifying creatures and brain aching puzzles, Murphy will have to rely on both brains and brawn to stave of the horror of Silent Hill, often using only what is around him as a weapon.

So, prepare to turn all the lights on, lock the doors, cover all the mirrors, and stock up on Imodium, because Silent Hill will be laying in wait next year.  We’re already dragging our sofas out to hide behind.

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