Pirate Naughty Bear DLC On Horizon

Those still ripping out stuffing and terrorising bears into insanity will be happy with the news that a new DLC chapter for Naughty Bear is on the way. A2M have today announced that a pirate themed episode of mayhem will be appearing on the horizon at the end of September for both XBLA and PSN.  The ninth chapter will feature not only four nautically naughty challenges, but will include new characters, costumes, and weapons to put to chaotic use as our favourite homicidal bear takes on buccaneering fluffies, Admiral Giggles, and the fearless pirate, Great Beard Bear.

So, with A2M promising both buccaneers and booty in the form of hidden treasures and arrrhh-worthy weaponry, we have to profess an interest.  After all, who doesn’t like pirates?  Okay, Nintendo, put your hand down, we mean the plundering and parrot variety.

The new DLC will be washing up at the end of September and will cost 400msp/PSN UK price equivalent of $4.99.

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