Gearbox Raise Borderlands Level Cap

It seems that Gearbox have decided that the promised raise of the game’s current level cap, due to be a part of the upcoming DLC, will in fact be given away free to players instead, irrespective of whether or not they splash the Microsoft cash this month.  Taking the form of a free update, the new level cap of 69 doood, will be part of an update to the core game, which also includes some tweaking to the game’s balance.  Good stuff.

The next piece of DLC is, of course, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, as reported on a while back.  Whether or not, this will be the last piece of DLC remains to be seen, however, with the news that Gearbox will have their hands full with the new Duke Nukem game, we won’t expect anything else, not least a sequel annoucement for some time.

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