‘Bloody Good Time’ Coming To XBLA

For those who like their multiplayer shooters to come with a healthy slice of irreverent carnage, then Ubisoft’s ‘Bloody Good Time’ may just fit the bill.  The game, announced today for the XBLA and Steam is a new IP developed by Outerlight and looks set to deliver a kick in the face to the Autumn schedules.

Utilising Valve’s tried and tested Source engine, the game promises delectably wicked FPS action which takes place on the player’s choice of Hollywood B-movie set, where they’ll be thrust into the world of scary movies.  With locations such as a terrifying Vegas hotel to a spring-break beach house, these backdrops couldn’t be more ‘scary movie territory’ than if Outerlight just thrust the player into a boiler room in a flimsy nightie.

The aim of the game is, of course, to be as devious and downright nasty as is humanly possible, using a plethora of bizarre weaponry to maim, mutilate, and murder the other players.  With the chance for up to eight players to get in on the action and a healthy dose of dark humour (not least in the choice of stereotypical characters), this is certainly a title that we’ll be keeping an eye on here at GLHQ…not least because we love the artwork and the fact that one of the weapons is an exploding, remote controlled rat.  No, we didn’t just make that up either.

For more info, take a peep at the official site:


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    Me too :D Looks excellent!

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