Mafia 2 Pop-Up Barber Shop Tour

Fancy a shave and a haircut to go with that extortion racket?  Well, you’re in luck.  To publicise the launch of Mafia II, 2K Games have started their rather curious Mafia II Pop-up Barber Shop Tour where shoppers can grab themselves a free shave and a haircut, along with the chance to snag an exclusive Mafia II t-shirt.

Not only will gamers get the opportunity to get up close and personal with a razor and scissors, but they’ll also get the chance for some hands on time with the game.  The t-shirt can be obtained via a leaflet given away on the day which needs to be redeemed at any Game store for your Mafia 2 togs…when a copy of the game is purchased alongside it that is.  So, there is a catch but if you were planning to buy from Game anyway, you may as well take advantage.  At the very least, grab a short back and sides.

Coming to six city centre shopping havens near you, the tour lineup goes like this:

  • Basingstoke – Festival Place – 27th August
  • Birmingham – Bullring Rotunda Square – 28th August
  • Westfield – Southern Terrace – 29th August
  • Reading – Oracle Centre – 30th August
  • Newcastle – Northumberland Street – 1st September
  • Manchester – Trafford Centre – 2nd September

We’ve heard of some odd events in our time, but this one had us scraping our eyebrows off the ceiling, still, it should be interesting if nothing else, so be there or be…long haired, bereft of a t-shirt, and sleeping with the fishes…or if you live in Birmingham, the shopping trolleys.

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