Crysis 2 Limited Edition Trailer

Call them what you will: limited, special, collector’s, deluxe, ultimate, premiere, or sukka-boxes but many of us love them and are all too keen to splash our cash on these boxes of wonder.  EA have just released a small trailer showing off the digital contents of the Crysis 2 limited edition set, just to rub it in that the game is getting pushed back to next year:

For those too lazy to click pause, the limited edition in-game goodies (which, incidentally, come at no extra cost) are as follows:

  • Bonus Xp – Day 1 access to five preset classes
  • Scar weapon skin – Scar assault rifle digital camouflage
  • Weapon attachment – Day 1 access to scar hologram decoy
  • Unique Platinum dog tag – Display your multiplayer rank and stats

As you probably know by now, Crysis 2 will be appearing in two separate flavours: limited edition and Nano edition.  Nano, of course, is the set everyone is weeping about…mainly over the eye-watering £119.00 price tag.  The set features the limited edition tucked neatly into a steelcase, a statue, art book and a backpack modelled after the actual Nanosuit itself.  So, the bog standard steel+statue+artbook combo…albeit with a sharp and tasty looking backpack.  That’s okay then.  Even our avid collectors baulked at that one, even though they coveted the backpack more than a Jeremy Kyle guest covets a velour tracksuit.

Of course, the Nano edition is pre-order only and is in very limited supply, so add it to your creaking pre-order list and prepare to sell your Granny’s old bones.  Of course, if you can resist the lure of the overpriced set, plump for the ‘no extra cost’ limited ed. offering instead – the hologram decoy looks pretty damn good and should take your mind off that backpack.

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Why oh WHY can’t they just release this and let me play it!?! I want this game so much it hurts… not really but yeah a bit. Also , £119 or not… that backpack set gets my vote any day.

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