Halo Reach Leaked By Hackers

Microsoft don’t seem to be having much luck with their hot properties lately…after the long awaited Alan Wake was leaked online before the Xbox360 release, so too has Halo Reach suffered the same fate.

According to Industry Gamers and Joystiq, the review code of Halo Reach was uploaded onto Xbox.com behind heavy security in order that the gaming press could access review code via the games on demand technology, however, as is always the way, hackers wormed their way in and the result is that the game is now loose in the wilds of the web.

At this stage, no one knows how widespread the leak is but spoilers have allegedly appeared on NeoGAF among other sites.  If you’re a game purist who abhors spoilers, then be very careful where you go and what you read until the official release date.

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  1. Dorwrath says:

    Halo Reach has also been streaming on JustinTV and there are vids on youtube showing you unseen footage, armory etc etc.

    I’d warn you guys though. Don’t click links sent to you on XBOX LIVE or Bungienet as there are reports of people sending others pics of the ending of the game, ruining the game for those people.

    Just be careful what you click on. You could have the game ruined for you if you are not careful.

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    Cheers for the heads up, Dorwrath! People pirating it is one thing, but being spiteful enough to go out of their way to ruin the end of the game for others is just shitty :(

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