EA Predicting Top Scores For Crysis 2

How many times does Clive Anderson have to tell you? The score doesn't matter

With no shortage of confidence, EA are already predicting that their eagerly awaited sequel to system melting FPS, Crysis, will scoop top review scores when the game finally launches next year.  In an interview with Eurogamer, EA Partners chief David DeMartini boasted that “It’s going to be another 90 rated game from Crytek.”

Well, thanks to the Crysis 2′s release being pushed back to next March, they will have a precious few extra months in which to give the game a final spit, polish, and tighten up, though EA were insistent that the game hasn’t ‘slipped’ or been forced out of a jam packed Winter lineup but, rather, has been moved by choice.  That’s okay then.

“I would say we jointly agreed that was the ideal window for the game to ship in. With a game like Crysis you don’t worry so much about who’s shipping when. You pick your ideal window and you lock down and everybody else can move if they have to move.”

Bold as it is, one has to admire their confidence.  Let’s just hope that it is well placed because the game looks stunning and March seems  a painfully long way off…we’d hate to get there and be disappointed.  And if the game scores a baw-hair below 90 percent, expect tears at bedtime from the self-assured publisher.

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